Since Chi originally conceived the music he has composed as being sung by a vocalist accompanied by a rock band, he has tried over the years to coerce me into writing lyrics and singing even though I am neither a lyricist nor a singer.  He finally succeeded in convincing me to sit down with him one day and at least attempt a rough English translation of already extant Japanese lyrics for one piece and of some ideas for lyrics he came up with for a couple newer pieces.  (more…)

The reason(s) why I have pretty much given up on trying to get live performance dates for the Panache Orchestra.   (more…)

As I work through my ever-nauseating to-do list, I often hit a snag….  (more…)

Brenda K’s take on whether or not to do weddings  (more…)

Is this the end?   (more…)

A brief account of Brenda K’s experience learning to play the cello – a brand-new instrument for her.  Even when starting with decades of experience as a violinist, it’s not quite as easy as one might think….  (more…)

Costs associated with performing and recording music.  (more…)

How do you brand an original musical project that defies branding?   (more…)