As I struggle with what and how much, if any, of this epic disaster with Chi to share with the world at large, I go around and around with the issues of what about this is “right”, “wrong”, or just a simple culture clash — good, bad or indifferent.   (more…)

Chi had some *interesting* proposals for how to spend my birthday, and yes, I meant that exactly how it sounded.  (more…)

Readers who have been following this blog for a while will know that despite being exceptionally skilled and highly gifted in certain areas, Chi has not been able to find any worthwhile employment in the entire eight years that he has lived in this country.  The following is one compelling reason why….  (more…)

Occasionally I get a clear insight into the routine communication breakdowns Chi and I have on an ongoing basis.  This was one such instance. (more…)

A couple reasons why I’m on the sidelines with the Occupy Wall Street movement.  about this

An account of one of these unfortunately all-too-rare occurrences in which things turn out right.  (more…)

Is this the end?   (more…)

Chi has officially taken leave of reality!  about this

Chi went back to Japan for the weekend (yes, really!), leaving me with a whole 48 hours of peace and quiet and freedom to do whatever the hell I wanted to. This is what I did….    (more…)

Summary of events Thursday – Friday, April 7-8, 2011  (more…)