Continuing Education

As Pink began losing ground in his fight against Renal Lymphoma, I began more seriously researching his condition and becoming proactive again, looking into complementary therapies and natural remedies to support the conventional treatment he was receiving.  (more…)

It’s official: the bar has been dropped altogether! or, What’s behind the smoke and mirrors. My experience with the L.A. Music Awards.  about this

This is what often happens when I go watch a performance with Chi.   (more…)

Some scenes from our wonderful new relationship with the Animazonia Wildlife Foundation   (more…)

A brief account of Brenda K’s experience learning to play the cello – a brand-new instrument for her.  Even when starting with decades of experience as a violinist, it’s not quite as easy as one might think….  (more…)

We had the exceptionally good fortune to get to attend a master class by legendary session bassist Carol Kaye!  (more…)