Chi has been behaving exceptionally well recently.  There are occasional flare-ups, but they are brief and resolve quickly. Nevertheless, he still has to go, and this is why…

Early October 2013

Chi finally got booked on a film shoot with a somewhat early but still civilised call time after many months of no work during which time I’d lost track of the mayhem these acting jobs inflict on my life.

For some reason, as played out as I was, I was still up till some ridiculous hour that night, and after collapsing into bed and almost instantly drifting off to sleep, jumped awake upon the realization that I’d forgot to set the alarm.  That just incensed me!  After nine years, why in the fuck do *I* STILL have to have MY day jacked up dealing with HIS shit??!  The usual situation ensued in which I went back to bed (rather than have to suffer through my day after about four hours of sleep) after getting up at 0700h to check the call time change line and confirm that his call time was still 0830 and there were no last-minute changes that would precipitate a Chinese fire drill, then wake him up (!), it took a long time for me to get back to sleep (not helped by the cats racing around the house making an ungodly racket) and by the time I woke up again it was 9:09, making me heroically late for my job (which supports the whole house) on a day that I had a lot of work to do. Marvelous….

When I finally was able to go home for lunch, Chi called as soon as I walked in the door and proceeded to hijack whatever was left of my already abbreviated lunch break after stopping to get gas so that I could get all the way home without running out, asking me to help him complete some new paperwork he had to fill out for that particular shoot.  I then spent the next 10 minutes or so listening to him struggle through a series of questions trying to pronounce the words that pertained to any history of problems with sexual predation on children.  From an objective standpoint it was actually quite hilarious.  For example:

Chi: (something unintelligible)

BK: “What?”

Chi: “…have you ever been convicted of a crime involving sex with a minor?”

BK: “No, you were convicted of an assault and battery crime against an adult.”  (mentally adding, “and the only sex-related aspect being that you were assaulting and battering a female adult, and I’m sure there are others besides yourself who would argue as to whether that even constitutes a crime!”)

Chi: (unintelligible)

BK: “Huh?”

Chi: “…been convicted of a crime (still unintelligible, but saying what sounded like numbers)…”

BK: (assuming it must be citing sections of the CA penal code for various sex crimes against minors) “check ‘No’.”

It appears that the paperwork for these background acting jobs is getting more voluminous and invasive.  Needless to say, I was again late back to work from my already-late lunch break, and I had absolutely no time left to water the plants out front that were keeling over from the heat after Mr. Special Needs came back at me with “But I just watered them yesterday!” when I asked him to water yesterday while he was home all day doing nothing in particular.  Man, that annoys the hell out of me, and is one major reason why I never wanted children!  FWIW: It’s fucking hot and dry, and the plants are keeling over.  They need to be watered more frequently in conditions like that.  Duh!

That night when he came home and checked the mailbox, there was a claim form from the EDD saying in their typically confusing, inscrutable language that there was some problem with the last unemployment insurance claim form he/we submitted. This meant that *we* would have to make the slog to Marina del Rey yet again the next morning to get this most recent mess (whateverTF it is this time) sorted out, so I had to email in to the day job that I wouldn’t be coming in due to yet another of Chi’s late-notice administrative SNAFU’s, which of course always endears me to my employer.  Fucking hell!

I just kept thinking to myself all day, “This is why he has to go!”.  Even when he’s not even doing anything, it is precisely this: his inability to do ANY fucking thing for himself — and the insane amount of extra administrative burden he generates, that causes an intolerable level of disruption and hassle and chaos and infinitely fatiguing extra work for me while jeopardizing our primary household income source, ffs, and I have run out of energy and willingness to cope with it!  This shit would in fact be theatrically comical were it not so destructive….