My method for managing and storing beets, and a favourite way of preparing them.   (more…)

Ever since I left home, I have always wanted homegrown asparagus, but have never had the space to grow it. This is how I solved the problem.   (more…)

I finally got around to the long-overdue chore of managing my compost bin just in time for fall planting, and got a nasty surprise….  (more…)

The story of the Panache Garden and assorted odd bits of personal history…. (more…)

The mad scramble to put the house back together and get it into a passable state of functionality by the time Chi came home from his three-week trip to Cuba to take a percussion seminar in July 2011.  (more…)

My first venture in growing bananas is a spectacular success!!   (more…)

I have been pruning our guava tree at the end of guava season each year, and this time it turned into a neighborhood-wide drama.  (more…)

Thanks to a visit from some neighbors, I learned about a brand-new, exotic dish!  about this

The Mercury Retrograde was supposed to have ended the previous week, so everything was supposed to be proceeding more smoothly. Why, then, was I subjected to the most insanely irritating gardening debacle yet??  about this

Chi went back to Japan for the weekend (yes, really!), leaving me with a whole 48 hours of peace and quiet and freedom to do whatever the hell I wanted to. This is what I did….    (more…)