Another drama with the neighbors when a pop-up vegetable market materialized under our bedroom window one morning.  (more…)

Recently Chi seems to have developed some absurd inclination to flaunt his mental illness and totally irrational behaviour at people other than me.  He threw a big, ugly shit-stink for absolutely no reason at a close, long-term friend of mine/ours who stayed with us last Friday evening after doing the very same thing to another close, long-term friend of mine/ours who stayed with us a couple weeks earlier, and now he’s getting into it with the neighbours and our landlord.   (more…)

We got a film scoring gig, but it didn’t turn out so well…  (more…)

Chi came up with a great idea for how to prepare a nice cut of fish we’d had in the freezer for awhile, but things went awry….


Chi came up with a great idea, and this time it’s actually a perfectly practical, plausible one, if he can only manage to overcome his inveterate need to sabotage everything.  (more…)

I found this piece near the bottom of my pile of drafts and was nonplussed to find that Chi’s extreme dysfunctionality and my extreme distress because of it was going on long before the catastrophic events in Japan of March 11, 2011.  There may be more since I did not start publishing my journals that portrayed Chi in a negative light until around August, 2011, by which point he had totally gone off the rails and nearly succeeded in taking me down with him.  (more…)

In case anyone has ever wondered why bands are such incredibly unstable entities that tend to disintegrate at any moment without notice….  (more…)

Some positive developments with Chi   (more…)

Another Chi-ism, this time most likely an equal-and-opposite reaction to the positive steps he’s been taking since the last incident about a month earlier.   (more…)

What I was able to accomplish while Chi was away on a brief holiday trip, and what happened when he returned. (more…)