As I struggle with what and how much, if any, of this epic disaster with Chi to share with the world at large, I go around and around with the issues of what about this is “right”, “wrong”, or just a simple culture clash — good, bad or indifferent.   (more…)

What happened after the DV incident that ended our marriage  (more…)

A rundown of the final incident that ended our marriage….  (more…)

Further discussion of the impending split (more…)

Well, as most likely everyone who has been following this blog for the past couple years surely must have anticipated, the absurdist drama of Chi and my marriage seems to have reached the point of its practically inevitable doom…. (more…)

Readers who have been following this blog for a while will know that despite being exceptionally skilled and highly gifted in certain areas, Chi has not been able to find any worthwhile employment in the entire eight years that he has lived in this country.  The following is one compelling reason why….  (more…)

Occasionally I get a clear insight into the routine communication breakdowns Chi and I have on an ongoing basis.  This was one such instance. (more…)

We got a film scoring gig, but it didn’t turn out so well…  (more…)

Chi came up with a great idea for how to prepare a nice cut of fish we’d had in the freezer for awhile, but things went awry….


What I go through whenever Chi asks me to do something for him….   (more…)