daily happenings

This event began exceptionally well, only to prove in the end that, with extremely rare exceptions, there is apparently no such thing as being able to enjoy anything or have a good day as long as Chi is around to fuck it up.  What did he do this time? (Samuel Beckett, eat your heart out!)

An alternate take on this tragicomedy: This is what happens when musicians don’t get their need met to be performing constantly…they go insane!  (more…)

Another drama with the neighbors when a pop-up vegetable market materialized under our bedroom window one morning.  (more…)

Recently Chi seems to have developed some absurd inclination to flaunt his mental illness and totally irrational behaviour at people other than me.  He threw a big, ugly shit-stink for absolutely no reason at a close, long-term friend of mine/ours who stayed with us last Friday evening after doing the very same thing to another close, long-term friend of mine/ours who stayed with us a couple weeks earlier, and now he’s getting into it with the neighbours and our landlord.   (more…)

Occasionally I get a clear insight into the routine communication breakdowns Chi and I have on an ongoing basis.  This was one such instance. (more…)

I had the good fortune to be the recipient of a random act of generosity from my mom.  (more…)

Chi has once again shocked me with his resolve and determination to make a highly improbable major life change.   (more…)

Each year our guava tree produces far more guavas than we can eat, so this time I got a little more assertive in finding uses for them.   (more…)

A curry gone terribly wrong….Note to self: Do not prepare complicated, unfamiliar dishes late at night when this exhausted and distracted!   (more…)

Our war to save Pink from renal lymphoma (cancer) and his progress toward recovery.  (more…)

What I go through whenever Chi asks me to do something for him….   (more…)

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