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Following Chi’s dismissal of our erstwhile producer Steven and decision to start working with another producer/musician instead, various things came up that disrupted a variety of processes that were underway.  (more…)


In the tradition described in this piece, Chi blew another opportunity to secure gainful employment, this time in a capacity that would have suited him perfectly.  What did he do this time?  (more…)

I am publishing this list in case it might help someone else to understand that when shit like this is going on, it is time to leave the relationship you are in, or that you are about to be served legal papers, depending on which side of it you are on.  It will not get better.  Trust me on this.  It only gets worse.  Some things may look better at the surface level from time to time, but the underlying problems are very likely still there, which led to things getting to this point in the first place, in which “this point” means that the relationship is so intolerably toxic on a continuous, ongoing basis that it just sucks the life out of you so all you can do is survive from one day to the next.  That is no way to live.  Believe me, I’ve been there.  (Or at this time, I am STILL here, but not for much longer).

Ok, now for the list:


I finally got around to the long-overdue chore of managing my compost bin just in time for fall planting, and got a nasty surprise….  (more…)

More crazy in PanacheLand.  In a good way this time, though.   (more…)

No, thankfully it’s not another out-of-control DV incident chez Panache, which would be a logical assumption given recent trends.  This time it was another conversation that blew my mind to tiny little pieces…. (more…)

Chi had some *interesting* proposals for how to spend my birthday, and yes, I meant that exactly how it sounded.  (more…)

Our recent loss of Pink (youngest of the Panache Cats) to renal lymphoma focused me on paying more attention to my lifestyle and how unhealthy it has become.  This is some of what I have been doing….   (more…)

Pink’s final days as he lost his battle with renal lymphoma  (more…)

Readers who have been following this blog for a while will know that despite being exceptionally skilled and highly gifted in certain areas, Chi has not been able to find any worthwhile employment in the entire eight years that he has lived in this country.  The following is one compelling reason why….  (more…)

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