On putting off the overwhelmingly tedious hassle of doing our taxes. 

September 3, 2013

Ok, so once again I am up against the drop-deadline to file my taxes (tax year 2012) after filing an extension since I couldn’t get it together by the regular deadline (mid-April). I kept putting it off because when I actually was in a position to get it done, I had no money available to pay my tax preparer, and then a lot of very disruptive things occurred, and it got to the point that I was so desperately burned out on having to deal with endless administrative (and other) shit that I could no longer even force myself to slog through the stuff that would critically impact my life if left undone.  Why in the hell is my life so full of shit I hate doing so much that I spend five times as long finding ways to blow it off as it would take me to just get the shit done in the first place?  This is no way to live.

Anyway, back to the taxes.  I had to spend some time hunting around (after distracting myself wandering aimlessly around the internet) to figure out which of my gmail accounts I had stored my tax spreadsheets in.  A few years ago I got so fucking fed up with the incessant inundation of spam and crap that all the band online promo sites and online shopping and stuff like that generates, that I opened several different email accounts in order to stream various types of communication to their own respective places.  The gmail accounts come with g-drives that store Google Docs, which is a fantastic tool when using multiple workstations in discrete locations. That of course causes a whole new pain in the ass: having to remember which things are where. Once I finally located my tax spreadsheets and took a look at them, it nearly sent me right back to bed with a slamming headache. Jesus….

I reminded myself that since both Chi and TPO pretty much quit working during 2012 and as a result we’ve also been too fucking broke to be able to buy anything, there would be considerably less crap to have to sort through and work the numbers than in prior years.  Plus, once I get this shit cleared out, I’ll have the storage space available for the 2013 stuff which there will be less of still because we’ve worked even less this year, plus I can do that at the same time and get most of it out of the way in one torturous go — yay!  I’d taken today off from the day job to stretch a 3-day holiday weekend into a 4-day work-myself-into-the-ground endurance test, but at the end of it, I’ll have a reasonably clean house, a lot of food put up, including 40 lbs. of cat food, and presumably my taxes done and a reasonably well-organised home office if I can manage to force myself to make it happen.

Well, I didn’t since I identified one more filthy, confused, disgusting, idiotic pile of shit that had to be dealt with instead of doing the taxes: the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  The pipes have leaked on and off for as long as we’ve lived here and the landlord has been over several times to deal with them (usually when I’m at work and Chi is here), and throughout that process all my expensive cleaning supplies I store there have got jumbled up into a sodden, moldy, cobwebby, bug shit-infested mess that I am desperately sick of but have never found the time or energy to cope with it.  Now I have a little time available and an excuse to blow off another thing that I am even more viscerally averse to doing, so I’ll deal with this shit instead.  I really hate that my life is this shitty.


Postscript: I finally got it done by the time I absolutely had to, i.e., a few days before the drop-deadline of October 15, and my Tax Man loves me so much he actually gave me an appointment!