Another drama with the neighbors when a pop-up vegetable market materialized under our bedroom window one morning. 

Definitely another “Dark Side of the Moon” moment, but due to potential copyright infringement issues, listen instead while you read to “What Happened?”, a piece we plan on including on our next album if/when we ever get around to recording it.


Man, Chi is on a roll these days!  We were woken up around 7:20 a.m. this morning (after another late but miraculously peaceful night, and thankfully Chi didn’t have an early call for a film job today!) by noise outside our bedroom window.  First it was the red van starting up (it sounds like a delivery truck), then another big vehicle pulling in, accompanied by a steady chatter of voices in Thai.  We eventually got up around 8:00 and peeked out the window.  There was a big truck full of boxes, a man (presumably the owner/operator of the truck), and our neighbor and presumably the Woman with the Red Van.  In the brief glimpse I got, I saw a box of vegetables being opened and weighed on a scale, but I had to hurry and get ready for work since I had a meeting that morning and I’ve been late so many times thanks to all the chaos Chi constantly faces me with.

As I stood sleepily in front of my lingerie chest trying to decide which of the three or four outfits I usually wear to the day job to put on (that influences my choice of undergarments), complicated by the need to be “meeting-appropriate” as well as “scooter-ready”, Chi came over to me and said (in Japanese), “Aren’t you going to call?”

BK with an exasperated sigh (in English): “Huh?!”
Chi: “You’re going to call, aren’t you?”
BK with mounting frustration:  “What the hell are you going on about?!”
Chi in an agitated voice: “They’re selling vegetables!”
BK: “So??!!”  I was getting seriously annoyed by this point.
Chi (getting increasingly agitated): “Are you going to just let them run a produce market outside our window every morning?!”
BK (yelling): “Get the fuck out of here!  I have to get ready for work!” (And WTF’s with this “am I…”?)  God, why does this asshole have to fuck up my day before it’s even started yet?!

He kept fussing and fussing at me about the new pop-up vegetable co-op and I got angrier and angrier.  For fuck’s sake, it’s probably one of those Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) things where people buy produce directly from a farmer, and then a big truck full of boxes just like that comes around every week or two and everybody gets their box of whatever’s in season.  I know several people who do that and have no problem with it, and I don’t have time to dick around with another hysterical ordeal over nothing right now.  Or ever.

He kept on pestering me as I struggled to get ready for work, and then said in his odious spoiled-little-kid voice, “I hid your wallet and keys, so if you are going to go to work, you’ll have to walk!”  Fucking hell!  I am so. sick. to. death. of this drug-addicted, mentally disturbed shitbag, so help me God, I very well might just go down to family court today and divorce his pathetic ass and be through with it!  Note to self: I now have to remember to keep my handbag hidden whenever I am home since the pestiferous little ass-wipe has recently developed a habit of getting into it and taking my stuff.

As I was trying to get the cats’ breakfast ready, the doorbell rang.  Chi answered it and it was the landlord’s wife coming to see what all the brouhaha was about.  Awesome!  Apparently Chi has finally figured out how to make a fucking phone call by himself without “mommy” having to do it for him!  The landlord’s wife was very appreciative to Chi for calling and letting her know what was going on.  I briefly tried to get some credible information from her about what was actually happening, i.e., was Chi’s assumption correct and this a new business venture our neighbor had just started up without informing anyone else who might be impacted by it, or was it what I had originally assumed (a perfectly innocuous CSA drop-off) and Chi was just making up some hysterical story about another non-issue; and what she said based on her investigation of the matter seemed to corroborate Chi’s story, but I had my doubts.

I wonder if the landlady is aware of the existence of CSA and the possibility of people buying produce directly from farmers.  There are several different languages and cultures involved in this scene and loads of potential for miscommunication.  I have years of experience dealing with issues like this, and I hate to see people in enough distress already being further hassled due to other people’s ignorance and hysteria from a deranged drug addict who makes a career of creating chaos and drama for other people.

When I got home that evening, Chi spewed a load of shit at me (gee, what a surprise!); he was 100% in the right, I was 100% in the wrong (I do so love how he checks his facts and backs up his assertions!), the landlord’s wife thanked him profusely, I must apologize, blah-de-blah.  What-the-fuck ever.  Later that evening he started up at me again with some wack-ola story he is fabricating about how the woman next door is going so insane that she might at any moment set the building on fire and run away with her young daughter and the blame for the accident would automatically land on her totally disabled husband, and then our landlord and we would lose everything (the landlord presumably has insurance, while we do not).  Ok, yeah, I can imagine she might well be going crazy given what she is dealing with, and now here you go piling on with your drug-addled lunacy!

I am wondering whether it might be worth having a word with our landlord about the vegetable incident this morning and getting a few more facts straight.  He came by yesterday evening to talk about the parking hassle over the weekend.  My objective would be to communicate where I am coming from in this (what happened today, and also possibly let him know about the totally unnecessary kerfuffle Chi caused on Sunday night, and get the point across that he needs to take the things Chi says (and does) with a good-sized box of salt.  The last thing I need is our landlord being left with the impression that Chi is the responsible, conscientious one and I am not keeping a tight enough lid on things.

Sooooo…as if I weren’t stressed out enough already, Chi has just created a really uncomfortable, toxic situation with our neighbours with whom we have lived peacefully for as long as we have been here, right up until this past weekend when he decided he had to take his mental illness next door.  Nice work….


Well, the next evening when Chi came home from his acting job, he hit me up with another wild-ass story about how the Woman with the Red Van has altered the personality of the woman next door and now they are plotting to kill her disabled husband with medicine (!), adding that a doctor-like person he hasn’t seen before had gone into their house before he left for his job, and that the woman and little girl now avoid Chi whenever he goes out front.  And he finds that odd?!!