Chi is going on a hiking trip for this holiday weekend, plus a couple days, so this is what I plan on accomplishing:   

Listen while you read to “I’m on the Run”, slated for TPO’s upcoming album, “Victory Speech”


The stuff that’s crossed out is what I finished yesterday afternoon since my day job was over early:

Demolish & Restore Cat Shit Corridor

Shop for required materials
clean/prime/paint/seal walls
bleach/strip/sand the floor
varnish/seal the floor & walls
reconfigure/put the space back together

shopping list:
fuckload of low-grit belt sandpaper (36 & 50)
oil-modified polyurethane (1 gallon)
GOOD respirator w/charcoal cartridges (may be dealing w/asbestos)
couple more paint pans
check supply of rollers – may need one more

a bunch of clear plastic to mask off work area & contain the mess from the sanding dust (& potential asbestos) but still get the light from ofc.

Finish the garden
Shop for transplants (at least, a few parsley plants, 1 more celery, Corsican mint, chamomile)
transplant the bamboo & bougainvilla
build roof for back container cage & manage the plants (think through addition of barrel or smart pot for blueberry bushes!)
empty sink out front & transplant tarragon & celery
re-plant cat grass
prune rose bush & banana plants
harvest Hubbard squash & pull out dead plant, try to get trellis out too
deal with citrus grove (clean, plant CA poppies, fix fence)
finish amending/planting front garden & cover all new beds w/garden fleece
if salad still isn’t up yet, re-plant it
re-plant broccoli too if not up yet

shopping list:
transplants: parsley, celery, Corsican mint, chamomile

Administrative B.S.

2011 taxes – file city tax, get all stuff ready, make appt. for 990 prep
Renew drivers license (Tuesday am 1/17)
Deal with all the administrative junk sitting on the side of my desk

Deal with M.O.O.P. (Matter Out Of Place)

All the extra junk in the office
videocassettes – (dimensions of rack I ordered: 15 7/8″ x 8 7/8″) – mount on side of TV armoire & cover w/curtain (2 long-ish wood screws w/wire)

Mess, clothes, etc., in main bedroom

Sort out the confused pile of shit on the bar in the kitchen

Reconfigure desk/set up HDMI monitor in office


clean the pestilential kitchen & bathroom
clean make-up brushes
do laundry

Organization projects/Paper Disaster Management: (may need some new binders)

Operation manuals
Contact info
Sheet music
put together at least one photo exhibit to dress up the wall in Cat Shit Corridor (if possible, one more for main bedroom)

Other:Figure out live streaming/get it set upSend 10 Strings off for review/radio play (dance thing & Brazilian radio stn)Make a Panang curry paste
Juice/zest/freeze a fuckload of key limes, make a pie with the restIf possible:Finish kitchen curtains and make some for bathroomTry to get these measured/spec’d out by Friday evening so I can get them to the cleaning shop to cut/hem on Saturday afternoon while bleach is dryingRe-do Chi’s room