Why I haven’t posted anything in such a long time. 

WOW – I am REALLY overdue for a post!  Actually, I have quite a backlog of posts, some of which are finished, some which are essentially finished and just need a final touch-up, and others at various stages of completion.  Why haven’t I posted the finished ones?  It’s because I have such conflicted feelings about whether I should post what I have to say in a permanent, public forum or not.  The past few months have pretty much been a total living hell for me for reasons primarily concerning my husband and music partner, and I’m sure few people would disagree with the logic that our need from a business standpoint to avoid “bad PR” that might deter potential fans and clients should trump my own personal and artistic need to express my truth in my own personal (yet public) space.

I have a feeling that putting my truth out there might somehow help other people who struggle with similar issues and challenges, so from that perspective I am inclined to go ahead and post them.  Another thing that helps mute the voice of business sense in my head is my husband’s oft-used tactic of telling me how all the readers of his blog (he has a hell of a lot more readers than I do since he has practically nothing to do but curate his blog every day) know all about what a horrible person I am because he posts “all the truth” about me (read: HIS side of the story), so why shouldn’t I return the favor?

Nevertheless, the voice of the responsible parent who has to keep the roof over the family’s head and the money coming in keeps prevailing.  Maybe now I’ll hit the “mute” button and speak my mind and see what happens?  I feel that I should go ahead with this because I have genuinely found it helpful and made some new friends when other bloggers have shared their private struggles with similar issues I am facing on their blogs and engaged in online discussions with me.

Ok, I think there’s my answer: let the barrage begin….