Chi went back to Japan for the weekend (yes, really!), leaving me with a whole 48 hours of peace and quiet and freedom to do whatever the hell I wanted to. This is what I did….   

Listen while you read to “I Will Say ‘I Love You’ Again” from the 10 Strings album


Ok, let’s start with the day before since I really did have half of that day free, and did manage to get a bit of work done despite how desperately fatigued and sleep-deprived I was.  I picked up the tomatoes from the Heirloom Tomato Lady’s place in Lomita after stopping by the Marina del Rey garden center to get a few more things after dropping Chi off at the airport, came home and found it too cold and windy (and myself too tired) to do any gardening, so had something to eat, and then dizzle-fritzed around for a few hours when I really should have been practicing and sorting out the massive pile of shit all over the floor of my home office so I could get our taxes done; then started working on a new collaborative project Chi had come up with just before he left (details later if this actually does get off the ground), spent the balance of the evening talking on the phone with a friend of mine (I am really only free to do things like that when Chi is gone), and wrote a blog post about what happened the night before.  I even managed to remember to put the morning glory seeds in water to soak all night before planting them so they would sprout more readily!

Ok, now for the vacation:

Day One::

Got a good night’s sleep – hallelujah! (for the first time since Thursday of last week – DOUBLE hallelujah!)

Up at 0900h
FINALLY got the curtain Jaco peed on in the wash
Fed the Panache Cats
Ate breakfast (super-healthy hot cereal & a cut-up orange w/ cup of vanilla Rooibos tea) while the cats did their post-breakfast “go-kitty-go” routine
Washed the dishes from the past couple days (which wasn’t much since thankfully Chi had washed the ones from Thursday night before he left, but was still more than I could be bothered with Friday evening)
Thought of additional contact to make re new project and added to project’s worksheet/to-do list and made one contact
Lightly edited, proofed and posted blog entry composed last night
Made progress in de-stenching the living room (Jaco and Laxmi pee on the wall/floor behind/under the piano, so I have to regularly douse it with vinegar to remove the pong and clean/disinfect thoroughly – total pain in the ass – P.U.!)
Kept the laundry process going all day
Sorted out some seeds and reviewed the process for planting tomato transplants
Got most of the tomatoes planted, and more transplants and seeds in the ground (and all took WAY longer than I ever would have anticipated!)
Briefly checked email
Unloaded the dishwasher
Gave the Panache Cats their dinner
Ate something real quick (Amy’s Kitchen canned black bean soup w/slice of whole wheat naan & glass of wine)
Sat down and had a five-minute foot massage
Did a little woodshedding workout with Mark O’Connor & Co.
Dug up CDs to review the Bayou Bros. music for show @ Belly Up this weekend
Called Ric Lee to make sure the show was still on
Caught up on a little communication
Cleaned make-up brushes
Did a little more work
Went to bed ca 0100h

Day Two:

Got another good night’s sleep, but detox reaction kicked in hard around late afternoon which temporarily crippled my productivity.  (For reference, whenever Chi goes anywhere, I typically consume over 1,000 fewer calories each day than when he is here, and if I drink any alcohol at all, it is a single glass of wine with dinner instead of galugging it down all evening.)

Up at 0900h
Brief email check & follow-up to confirm plan for this afternoon
Breakfast (couple pieces of whole-wheat toast w/jam, cut-up orange & cup of Rooibos tea)
Updated garden journal w/yesterday’s work
Made some TPO promo materials to bring to event this afternoon
Met a friend @ Shumei Auditorium and gave promo stuff to the booking agent
Came home and quickly made a sandwich and ate it
Did a little work in the garden, but was too played out to do as much as I wanted (terrible headache, feeling of general queasy malaise due to detox reaction)
Mucked about for a couple hours when I should have been practicing, instead dithering over whether to just take a nap, but decided against it
Did more work on the new project and made some more contacts
Reviewed some pieces requested for custom arrangements for potential wedding job
With the help of a friend, figured out how to get my new Mac set up to use the advanced uploader for YouTube (I had been trying unsuccessfully for the past three days to upload a new video I’d finally finished editing!)
Finally succeeded in uploading one new video from the concert a couple weeks ago
Washed the stuff I harvested from the garden and put it away
Checked email one last time
Went to bed (ca. 0100h) with head still pounding and no dinner since I didn’t feel well enough to eat

Ok, we’ll do Monday too since I had a little bit of it to myself before going to fetch Chi at LAX around 12:30 PM:

Up at 0900h after yet another good night’s sleep (this should keep me going for a good two weeks!)
Did another load of laundry
Fed Panache Cats and Farishta since it got warmer so she woke up
Had breakfast (super-healthy hot cereal w/cut-up orange & cup of Rooibos tea again.  See why I’m in detox mode?)
Commenced solid waste management operation I had intended on completing yesterday: removed all the skank-oid, nasty-ass rotting food from the refrigerator in anticipation of deep-cleaning it (may or may not get around to that once Chi comes back, but at least the rotten stuff is dispatched): this time only one plastic grocery sack’s worth + a goodly amount for the compost bin
Took out garbage (all of it)
Washed the dishes and wiped down the kitchen table
Quickly got ready and went to retrieve Chi from LAX ca 1230h after checking flight status
Got home w/Chi around 3:00
Put in a couple more hours in the garden planting/harvesting more stuff

Unfortunately I was feeling too crappy on Sunday to force myself to slog through the miserable drudgery of cleaning the absolutely pestilential, nasty-ass kitchen and bathroom, so their status remains unchanged – GROSS!