The current happenings (or lack thereof) in PanacheLand…. 

Listen while you read to “T’z Blues”

Well, I’m afraid this won’t be much of a blog entry since there’s precious little else I can do at this point other than report about what’s not getting done and why….

I’m way overdue for a post, and there were a few sizable projects on the workbench that were expected to be in intensive production by now, but they keep getting delayed or aborted altogether for various reasons which may be discussed in future posts.

As some readers may already know, Chi is in the hospital following what was supposed to be a relatively non-invasive surgical procedure to remove his gall bladder, that turned into a major operation requiring a longer recovery time.  It goes without saying that having something like that happen to you and not understanding the working language, so you don’t really know what is happening to you, is more than a little distressing.  I did my best to facilitate communication, but I have my limitations.

Ready to be wheeled in for surgery

Contrary to the original plan, Chi ended up in the hospital for an entire week, and I ended up going on strike during that time since I am just quite simply sick of having to be constantly working my ass off and forcing myself to bulldoze through crippling fatigue to make stuff happen practically every day of my life, and just took some desperately needed “down time”, giving myself permission to not do anything.

Of course I felt horribly guilty, but I just didn’t have any energy or imperative to have to do anything if I didn’t feel like it.  I have been visiting him during lunchtime and after work every day, and made a few desultory attempts to put the house into some sort of order that might accommodate a newly-arrived hospital patient with limited mobility, like clearing a path from his side of the bed to the bathroom, vacuuming, changing the bed & bath linens, laundering the sofa cover in case he wants to go in the living room and watch videos, etc., but I never quite got around to the seriously shitty chores like cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.

The Panache Cats were sad and upset that he has been away, but otherwise have behaved quite well.  They typically find it disturbing how quiet and empty the house is when he’s not around, but it appears that this time they are appreciating the prevailing calm atmosphere.

Mom, it isn’t funny anymore. Bring Dad home. Now.

The word on the street is that he will be coming home this afternoon, so productivity and life as usual will most likely resume in the near future.

Hopefully the calm will survive for awhile longer!