A look at what’s been going on behind the scenes in Panache Land lately – Part 1 

Listen while you read to an early live performance of “I’m on the Run!” by The Panache Orchestra

Wow!  My head is whirling like a blender on the “liquefy” setting from all the new stuff we’ve been making happen lately, and I’m trying not to give in to the meltdown of depression and burnout that typically follows periods of such intense hyperactivity.

So what have we been up to?

Deep breath…..

Well, we haven’t yet done any formal tracking for the upcoming album since I decided that there were a few too many carts massed in front of that horse for me to give it the focus and attention it deserved, and instead put my focus and attention on clearing the decks.

SO, I FINALLY got TPO HQ cleaned up for real!  (visit this post for background) There are still a couple isolated piles of Matter out of Place, but they are self-contained and so out of the way that I have almost forgot they exist.

As part of that effort, I finally got 2009 taxes done!  Only two months late this time instead of at the very butt-end of the extension deadline.  During the process, I also put in place a much more rigorous system for keeping tax stuff organized so it won’t be such a nightmare in future years.

In addition to the taxes, I got an enormous amount of other business stuff done, i.e., set us up as a “real” company (I owe a shout-out to John McLellan of Chase Bank for guiding me through this process and the next one), opened a “proper” commercial account to run our business transactions through, set up a PayPal merchant account so we can now offer our music and stuff directly from our own page without having to route people to third parties unless they prefer it, got us sorted out with the Musicians’ Union (as we had fallen a bit behind – go figure!), set us up with several new music hosting and distribution services, got hooked up with Ariel Hyatt’s affiliate program, so now interested parties can purchase Music Success in Nine Weeks through me!  I still have to put up the links and information though, which will take a little bit more time since our web presence is undergoing a major upgrade at present.

Got a brand-spanking-new computer, and am still hard at work getting everything all rigged up and networked together!!  Needless to say, that has taken on a life of its own, but it’s all very exciting, and I am looking forward to having my life made at least a little easier in the IT department, as these machines keep getting more and more powerful and intuitive.

Got an initial project started that will be our first “merch” item, and ideas for several more!

Amidst all this insanity, Brenda and Chi got an amazing opportunity to attend the entire Ring Cycle by the L.A. Opera!  (Note that that’s nearly 20 hours of grand opera over a nine day period – a very rich, artistically enlightening, immersive experience!)  We also had the honor and privilege of getting to perform at a very interesting event that was part of the city-wide Ring Festival: the State of the Arts Symposium presented by the Arts and Media Node of the UN-sponsored Millennium Project – a sweet resume piece and a great experience.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things, because it seems that for at least a two week period I was going out during every lunch break from my day job to tackle some big, giant administrative pain in the ketsu.

Took care of some simple maintenance and got the violin and bow overhauled in anticipation of beginning recording the new “Victory Speech” album

Would you believe that all this stuff has happened during the month of June?  I’ve been feeling like I’ve been stuck in a rut madly spinning my wheels due to the lack of “concrete” and visible output, but I realize that it’s because all this stuff is “behind the scenes” infrastructure and administrative work that will greatly facilitate the realization of all the content we are constantly generating.

More later!