BK’s process of clearing a massive administrative obstacle to further progress with The Panache Orchestra 

Thursday 22 April 2010

Ok, so I finally got a little bit of a breather from relentless performing and post-gig administrative wrap-up, and thence was forced to confront the reality that I could no longer avoid this hugely aversive, awful shit-task any longer (no, it’s not cat shit this time – I have no one to blame but my own damn self for this, however tempting it may be to implicate Chi and the constant chaos he foists on me).

Well, here goes….

Initial target location: TPO Headquarters (my ‘office’ room in Panache House in C-town, L.A.)

Pink, Jaco, The Panache Cats, TPO HQ, Panache House

Jaco, how long has she been saying she has to get this mess cleared away??

Pink, The Panache Cats, TPO HQ

Mom, don’t you think this is just a little bit out of hand?

OMG!! Where does one even start with a horror like this?!!


I. Identify and classify all the shit I have to deal with
a. shit I have to get done soon or else

Fuuuuuuk….Sparky’s registration is late… AGAIN!

Well, at least I finally found it…and…

So that’s what happened to my checkbook….

Moving right along….

a-1. other shit I have to do, but with less urgency
b. shit I have to file away – easy stuff that already has a place
b-1. shit I have to file away and also create a place (and organization system) for
c. ongoing organizational projects
i. contact information organization and digitization
ii. TPO business development shit
iii. TPO shit that exceeds the available storage capacity
d. shit that has no business being in the office, but there’s nowhere else to put it, such as:
i. power tools
ii. Brenda’s tool box
iii. stuff for the Panache Pets
iv. big houseplants recovering from being ransacked by the Panache Cats
v. some garden stuff (well, that could go under the house, but then I’d really never get around to starting my      seedlings!)
e. complete bullshit that needs to be repaired, relocated or dispatched altogether

II. Clear and clean enough surface area so that I have room to work with (after cleaning the vacuum cleaner and emptying the bag, which was stuffed so full of shit that I could hardly get it out – no wonder the thing hasn’t been working well lately!)

Ok, carved out a staging area

Moved the power tools, tool box, hardware kit, misc. pet stuff, etc. into the bedroom (since it’s pretty impervious to the cats eating it or messing it up) until further notice.

III. Spatially organize the shit
a. move every damn thing into one gigantic global pile of shit

So there you have it – one massive pile of shit!

…and an otherwise navigable room.

And somewhere within that colossal shit-heap is our internet modem that I will have to un-bury in order to finally call tech support and figure out how the hell to get this execrable wireless network operational so we can do away with the 150-foot Ethernet tripwire snaking through the whole house all the way to Chi’s den of iniquity.

Our modem is in there…somewhere!

We still have a L-O-N-G way to go – we haven’t even reached the first turn yet – but it’s just so nice to look to my left and see open space and (relative) cleanliness.

WOW!! Some clear space! And more importantly, some STORAGE space!!

Effectively utilizing the storage space, however, presents an interesting conundrum given its minute quantity and the vast amount of shit requiring accessible storage.  Kind of like the allocation of social services in L.A. – an overwhelming amount of need, and a woefully inadequate and ever-shrinking amount of available resources.

the “real” recording rig is accessible for the first time since we moved on Christmas of 2009! Now we can seriously get to work on our new album! (and the calendar is FINALLY up)

Look!  An A/C!

Holy shit! There’s an air conditioner in this room! Just in time for summer, as I forgot we even had one since it had been buried behind so much crap for so long!

Now you can see my desk too!

Not too terrible for a night when I was already knackered before I even got started on this nightmare, and of course you can see what an absolutely charming mood dealing with this shit puts me in 🙂

<to be continued>

Day 2 (Sunday 25 April 2010 – we had company on Friday evening & Saturday I was too toasted to deal with this!)

Carrying on from where we left off the other day:

b. designate space to place piles for shit classified as indicated in Step I above
c. migrate the shit from the big pile to content-specific sub-piles
d. further subdivide the mini-shitpiles

It occurred to me that part of my not-exactly-effective shit management non-strategy is the mentality that if I let something I don’t know what to do with sit for long enough, my attachment to it lessens over time, and when I finally get around to executing an operation like this, it is easier to take a more dispassionate look at it with a view toward its dispatchment.

Massive pile classified and roughly subdivided…but, AAAAHHH!! It looks like we’re right back where we started!!

I got this far, and then got bogged down with “life in general”, i.e., errands, grocery shopping, making dinner, rehearsing for show a couple days later, day job on Monday, other urgent stuff to do, etc., etc., etc.

The rest of this project will proceed as follows (hopefully before the cats mess all the stuff back up into one chaotic morass again since I lifted the ban on cats in the office):

IV. Put the shit away:

a. file stuff that can be filed easily
b. make new files for stuff that needs a place (archiving old stuff under the house)
c. relocate stuff that needs to be relocated
d. organize the must-do crap (screen for trash, then pile it up in priority of the consequences of not getting it done)

Even after all that, I suspect I’ll still end up with at least one small box of weird stuff I don’t know what to do with – mostly odds and ends of things that need to be repaired that I’ll have to someday find the time and $$ to deal with.  In the meantime, I have to find a place to put the box so Gureyo doesn’t shred it all over the room again.

For what it’s worth (which is a lot to me), on Sunday I also managed to get the bedroom nice and clean.

Aaaaahhhh, a clean bedroom, shifted for spring, at long last!!!

As nice as it was, it made me acutely aware of how bad the rest of the house pongs of cat piss.  Another wretched environmental improvement project scheduled for this weekend.  Guess I’ll have to make the schlep to Hollywood and go the military surplus store to get a chemical weapons-grade gas mask, as well as a stop at the marine supply place to pick up some boat varnish to permanently seal the baseboard moulding after sanding it to get the cat piss stench out.  What a nightmare………

At any rate, I made progress in reducing the backlog of laundry piled halfway to the ceiling.

The last mile….

The next administrative horror after I progress this one a little further is get all the shit together for 2009 taxes (yes, I preemptively filed an extension when it became painfully clear that I was not going to get it done in time AGAIN!)

After that’s done (scheduled for next week), I am starting to feel like I might stand some chance of being able to get in front of the eternal tsunami of administrative bullshit and proactively manage it!