We are truly blown away by the generosity of the super-fab photographers who have contributed their wonderful gift of eye-grabbing photos to add to our web presence and other promotional materials.  I hope we said “thank you” enough, as this is so valuable on so many levels:

  1. Good photos are the first port of entry for bookings (believe it or not, no matter how good we are as performers, nobody…and I mean NOBODY will so much as even talk to us, much less listen to our music, until they first see what we LOOK like (WTF??  Yes, this is the gospel truth!);
  2. Any photos, good, bad or indifferent, provide us with fresh, up-to-date content for our fans who frequent our website(s).  And if they’re our fans, it’s not because of my cooking, gardening, or ghetto home improvement projects, or even the very cute Panache Cats…it’s because of our music, and we can’t take pictures of ourselves performing any more than I can photograph myself while riding a motorcycle…so we are 100% dependent on you to share your gift with us;
  3. The camera doesn’t lie…except when you tell it to (i.e., with Photoshop, etc.).  Raw photos are an indispensable “continuing education” tool for us.  It is vitally important that we be able to see what we look like during a live performance so we can fix problems.  For example, I had no idea that I closed my eyes so often while playing (that severs my connection to the audience), or that when I stand in what to me is a comfortable distance from Chi when performing (remember, I am using a 3’ bow that increases my personal space requirements much like carrying a sword did for soldiers back in that era) and aiming the f-holes of my instrument in the correct position toward the house according to my training as a purely acoustic, classical player, it creates an awkward spatial gap in the visual.  Additionally, and I know this is superficial, but it also tells me whether my current hair style/color or costume idea is good or if it sucks and is in desperate need of an overhaul.

I’m sure there are many other ways your gift helps us that I can’t think of right this minute, but I wanted to get this message out right now to tell you how much WE LOVE YOU!!!

Thank you so much,

Brenda K and Chi Saito

The Panache Orchestra

P.S. To readers interested in seeing what I am talking about, please see our fan page on Facebook (because at this point that is the easiest one for me to update quickly with fresh and time-sensitive content!)