A lil’ teaser bloglet about what I’ve been up to in the gap since my last post!  

So apparently Chi has finally figured out that I’ve been working my freakin’ ass off for the past two years trying to make it happen for The Panache Orchestra (I guess the tangible results are finally starting to trickle in at a brisk enough clip to be perceptible to him!), so now he appears to have at last kicked into gear and started complimentarily working his @$$ off composing new material that I’m being run of my feet trying to learn and get into a performable condition.  One side effect is that our “regular” repertoire is slipping into disrepair now since we’ve been devoting so much rehearsal time lately to hashing out the new stuff, and I have loads of shows booked, so it looks like we’ll have to take a more structured approach to managing the outcome of this new burst of productivity.  What gives?

Further down the productivity line, I finally got the Zoom widget recorder figured out enough to be able to use it for the purpose we bought it for (and boy, did I feel stupid once I realized how stupid-easy it actually is to use!), and rescued the 17 new tracks inside it that we had recorded last fall (!), only to find out that they sucked and we still had a lot of work to do before they would even be in a passable state to send off for copyrighting, so back to square one with that effort.  At least now we have a highly useful new tool at our disposal.

As we’ve been in pre-production for a new album, now we’re awash in so much new repertoire that we’ll have to take a step back and re-think the whole thing.  Good thing we didn’t have studio time and session players booked quite yet….

Since the fall, I had been working in fits and starts at organizing a spring tour to the bay area, but now that December and January have galloped by and spring is upon us, and we have local dates booked through mid-April, the tour might get pushed to summer, as if amidst the busy-ness of wood-shedding all the new stuff, recording the new album (if we can ever find the time to sit down and finish the planning phase!), preparing and performing at least one show per week, on top of day job, etc., I’ll ever be able to get around to it this year at all.

Be careful what you wish for!  It’s all good though 🙂