Progress update with the blogging task from Music Success in Nine Weeks 

Here’s a funny story:

As usual when I’m in the middle of juggling a lot of disparate things at once, I got a wild hair to do something to further my efforts at one of the things I’m not working on at the moment (but really should be), which in this case was looking for blogs about live instrumental music in L.A. as part of the blogging task group mentioned in my previous post.  So I went to Blog Catalog and searched the following:

“Live Instrumental Music in Los Angeles”

You’re not going to believe what the first result was:

“Los Angeles Attorney Referral Hotline”


and right behind it was:

“Screened Los Angeles Labor Law Attorneys and Lawyers”

I wonder if my search skills need an overhaul, or if there’s a message in this.  Or might it have something to do with the experience Chi and I had last week??  I’ll blog about that as soon as I can work out a way to report it in an “identity-neutral” way (i.e., vetted for mass consumption and high blowback potential).

Then another funny coincidence happened:  A musician friend of ours just at that exact moment sent us a link to a blog on that exact subject (not the need for a labor law attorney, — the one about live music in L.A.) that mentioned a band that he played in early in his career!  It’s funny because he corresponds with Chi through the myspace site I set up for Chi to demo his work as a side/session player even though Chi doesn’t understand English and is even more technology-impaired than I am (which is why I have to have endless hours of my time that I desperately need to do a million other things consumed figuring all this shit – oops – stuff out and making it work while Chi sits in the house bored out of his mind waiting for me to come home from my day job!), but all’s well that ends well.  So there you have it: one subject-relevant local blogger to get in touch with.

My next task: well…you guessed it!

I really will get that “Perfect Pitch” blog that I referred to earlier finished and posted in the near future – promise!  (That one is held up not only by a lack of time [got quite a few other pots to saute at the moment!] but by editing discretionary issues due to overwhelming potential for blowback….)