Brenda K tries blogging (and runs into problems as usual) 

I-Yi-Yi!!  I knew it was too easy when I managed to get my WordPress site up and running and post my first blog all in one afternoon.  All it took was for me to try to post my second one and add pictures and bullet points or numbers to it, and what grief!!  After spending practically my whole day while on the clock at my day job (BAD!) trying to figure it out while running into endless frustration due to the extremely limited capacity of my work computer to deal with photos, and then going home and struggling with it for several more hours to no avail, I gave up in disgust and let it sit for a few days.  In fact, I got so burned out on having to stretch my brain all out of shape trying to figure all this techie stuff out that I let a few other things sit that I shouldn’t have for a few days too – hopefully the damage will be limited……

Astonishingly, when I finally decided to have another go at it, I had no trouble adding the photos to the second blog and uploading it!  Could it be that I am so fatigued and sleep-deprived most of the time from staying up till all hours struggling with this stuff that I am failing to comprehend blatantly obvious information??

Up waaaay too late!


I also belatedly realized that I’d forgot about one of the easiest ways around pretty much any horror like this: just “ask the magic box”, i.e., type whatever problem I’m having into Google, and so far I’ve had about 100% success in that some kind hearted soul has put a really easy-to-understand answer up on the web to help technically challenged people like me wade through all this esoteric stuff.

Panache Cats in bed

You know you’re up too late when even the cats have gone to bed!

So there you have it:  a case study in one of the biggest reasons why musicians (NB: by “musicians”, I am referring to people like Chi and lots of other fantastic players I have had the privilege of working with who have devoted their lives to learning how to play instruments competently and interpret and express music masterfully to the virtual exclusion of all else) by and large tend to hate this stuff and thence not do it, and so a lot of exceptionally good music ends up existing completely under the public radar.  I am hard wired not to make assertions that are not supported by rigorous study and research, so I’ll just offer my opinion that the reason why so much of the music we are subjected to hear is not overly noteworthy or outright sucks is because the equally prolific “good” stuff never gets promoted since nobody knows about it.  I’m sorry – I didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant about how insanely difficult it is to advance an original musical project.  (And that’s at least times 10 if you’re doing anything the slightest bit off the well-beaten path!  See post about The Perfect Pitch)

Well, the next SNAFU took place when I attempted to “syndicate” my beautiful new blog to various other sites of ours.  I got bogged down trying to get it onto our Myspace site since I had to go back and rework some HTML code I messed up when I added the mailing list sign-up widget, and I haven’t yet had sufficient time to do that yet, so that’s sitting near the top of my nauseating “to-do” list.  Reverb Nation was another story.  For some reason they don’t have one of those handy-dandy little widgety things to automatically integrate blogs on WordPress to the blog space on their site, even though they apparently have ones for all sorts of other blogging sites I’ve never heard of, so I’ll have to have a cyber sit-down with their technical support and get that sorted out.  Maybe it has something to do with this RSS feeder thing that I haven’t yet been able to quite get my mind around, even after watching the video.  More effort needed on that front.  To my not-so-great surprise, my expectations of a cluster-f*ck of epic proportion were fully met when I tried to get this integrated into our “own” site…..I’ll let you know as soon as I get that sorted out.  The most painless syndication was to LastFM Radio.  They had one of those add-on buttons for WordPress blogs, and it worked like a charm.  Why can’t the other ones be that straightforward?  It was similarly brain damage-free pasting it into the blog part of my page on the Cyber PR Mastermind site.

Upon revisiting the section on blogging in “Music Success in Nine Weeks” ( by Ariel Hyatt (, I once again was touched by how easy Ariel makes it for us to get this stuff done.  She even puts pages in the book that we can “tear” out and use to write down the stuff we’re supposed to be writing down, so we don’t even have to get up and find a sheet of paper!  In this particular section, we are supposed to identify and write down 50 blogs we want to be featured in.  That will be somewhat challenging for me since the blogs I tend to favor relate to my other interests such as cooking and gardening, building stuff, and all things cat, etc.  I rarely come across music blogs that interest me, I guess because they overwhelmingly tend to focus on what is popular, and I overwhelmingly tend to not care for what is popular….what gives?  Never fear – I’ll sort this out and come up with something workable in the near-term future.  In the meantime, I’m going to have fun with my new RSS Reader deal-y and try and remember all the blogs I have stumbled upon and really enjoyed reading, and start subscribing to them now that I have one nice, tidy location to put them.

The next exercise entailed identifying other artists that we know and play with who match our genre, and that proved to be the usual tripwire since to this day there aren’t any known artists that we sound like, at least there aren’t any known to us or to anyone that we’ve asked, so I guess that will just have to keep until someone comes up with someone we sound like.  You can hear what we sound like here:, and if anyone has any suggestions for sound-alikes (be sure to listen to enough of our stuff to really understand what we sound like, as it shifts dramatically from piece to piece!), by all means do let us know!

Well, I’ll start with checking in with my friends who write blogs, as being my friends, they tend to be interested in music, and see if they can help me populate my list.  Of course if anyone reading this knows offhand of any blogs that are relevant to what TPO is up to, we would greatly appreciate the referrals!

Happy Year of the Tiger everyone!

Brenda K after a long night of struggling with WordPress

Blogged to death!

Brenda K and Jaco

Mom? Are you ok?